I love my cats.

Life is ever changing, so learn to be happy with it.

This is what I look like.

These are my thoughts.

Everyday I leave my cat waiting for me to come home, and every time I return she greets me with cute little meows. I love my fluffy baby.
He phoned her. It’s me. She recognized him at once from the voice. He said, I just wanted to hear your voice. She said, It’s me, hello. He was nervous, afraid, as before. His voice suddenly trembled. And with the trembling, suddenly, she heard again the voice of China. He knew she’d begun writing books, he’d heard about it through her mother whom he’d met again in Saigon. And about her younger brother, and he’d been grieved for her. Then he didn’t know what to say. And then he told her. Told her that it was as before, that he still loved her, he could never stop loving her, that he’d love her until death. Marguerite Duras, from The Lover (via violentwavesofemotion)

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wtf is this thing?it doesn’t even have joysticks..do you even rumble??!?pathetic

looks like we got ourselves a youngster

*old man voice* in my day, you had to shake the controller yourself


me during all of october

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My my would you look at the time…


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Cleanse me Lord… Rid me of this white skin

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Act as if you are confident even if you are not. You’ll never know how far that can get you. Evelyn  (via deludir)

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